Alkaline Water Origins

Back in the 1950's, research was conducted on water that held legendary status as "miracle" or "healing" water.  These waters were and are located in the following areas:


•Lourdes, France

•Tlacote, Mexico

•Nordenau, Germany

•Delhi, India


It was discovered that the water from these four places on the globe had one thing in common.... Active Hydrogen, which today is known as Alkaline Water.

Today, with the advancement of technology, there is no need to line up for hours at a time to receive this special water.


water well

Tlacote, Mexico:

Waiting for their chance for a miracle, a line of people often stretches for over a mile on a dusty road in the little town of Tlacote, Mexico. More than 10,000 a day sometimes come to visit Jesus Chahin's well and to take away a can or two of the now-famous miracle water which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.

It all started with a sick dog who soon recovered after drinking from a muddy puddle.  A few people tried the water, and they too were healed.

Since then, the word has spread, and since may of 1991, millions of people have been to Tlacote, Mexico and millions more have drunk the water, seeking help for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Aids, ects.  The ranch owner, Mr. Chahin, keeps the registration files of every visitor, some who have traveled as far as Europe and Russia.  The daily line-up varies in size from 5,000 to 10,000 people.

"Where the science could not work, the water has been working in incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS. We have been continuing our studies microbiologically and found out that the water brings genetic changes on a cellular level. And any changes in a human or living being created by God only He can do. And He has been doing them through this water - which to my opinion is a new creation of God on Earth." Jesus Chahin, interviewed on the "Water of Life"

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