“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” ― Hippocrates






High Blood Pressure

In December 1986 I was introduced to a water ionizer by a friend of mine in Virginia. She told me that the alkaline water from this ionizer would lower my blood pressure if I drank 5 cups of it daily. In those days I was taking 20mg of Vasotec a day to maintain my blood pressure at around 140/90. Vasotec was my third kind of blood pressure pill. The doctor had to change my blood pressure pills twice because of different kinds of side effects. I never liked the idea of having to take any pills “for the rest of my life”. That’s what the doctor told me when he initially prescribed the blood pressure pills for me. My friend didn’t know exactly why the blood pressure would come down except for the fact that she knew it worked for many people. Trusting her sincerity and knowing she was a registered nurse, I bought the ionizer and started to drink high pH alkaline water. As I was drinking the alkaline water I monitored my blood pressure. I reduced the amount of Vasotec gradually as the blood pressure started to come down. After six weeks, I stopped taking Vasotec altogether. My blood pressure came down to 130/85 without my pills. In the meantime, over a period of two years, I lost about 20 pounds without any special diets or exercises. Lately I am noticing that my eyesight is improving."

Sang Wang, Miami, USA Engineer and author of “Reverse Aging

A Basic Health Requirement

Getting plenty of freshly ionized, alkalized water daily is, as far as I am concerned, a basic health requirement. It was one of those things that once I started, I could never stop, or ever consider going back to even the finest drinking water commercially available. I have never tasted anything any better either. Having an ionizer was one of the most successful health investments I have ever made. I am no less excited about ionized water than when I first started producing my own from tap water back in May, 2002. Water ionizers literally turn ordinary tap water into something quite valuable and quite extraordinary.

Russell Symonds

Parkinson’s Disease

I am 52 years young. In January 2009 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I lost my sense of taste and my ankles, knees, hips and elbows became painful and stiff. By December of that same year I had to roll out of bed to the floor and climb my way to my feet and walk the stiffness off for about 10 minutes. In January 2010 my wife, while shopping, found a flyer about alkaline-antioxidant water so we called the phone number on it. This person immediately shared alkaline-antioxidant water with us and after only three days I noticed some easing of pain in my joints. And in just two weeks, ALL of the pain and stiffness was gone! A few weeks later, (and not being able to taste anything for a year) I cut an orange in half, bit into it and I could taste it! My taste was back and sharper than ever. My family and I will forever drink this special water!

Steve L.
(Twin Lakes, Wisconsin) April 22, 2010

Weight Loss and other benefits

I lost over 80 Pounds after drinking this water for 60 days. I went to the doctor for my normal check up and had lost 20 pounds without dieting! The process continued for the next 10 months. In all, I lost 81 pounds. During that time, my blood pressure dropped so I was taken off my blood pressure medicine. He also took me off my blood thinner and my potassium. Right now, I only take one diabetic pill a day. Since drinking this alkaline antioxidant water, my colon started working like I never thought it could. Also, my arthritic knee and ankles don’t swell up anymore or give me any pain. I am 73, but feel like I am 50 again. This water has changed my life!

Jan E.

Acid Reflux/ Acne

“My name is Jenn. I'm a 32 year old mother of two boys and live in Novi, Michigan. In March of 2006, I purchased an alkaline ionizer machine for my home. "It was by far one of the best decisions I've made. After the first week, I noticed an increase of energy and lost about three pounds. In 2003, I was prescribed Previcid for my acid reflux." "Today, I don't take any medication and have no symptoms. I had trouble with acne too. I use the acidic water to wash my face daily. I rarely have outbreaks." "If you truly want to take care of yourself, add alkaline water to your life. I believe in the ionizer because it proved itself to me in the first week and continues to everyday.”

Jenn Hewitt, Novi, MI

82-Year Old Champion

I have been drinking Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water...for the past two years. I simply love the refreshing taste; all the other benefits of increased oxygen content, anti-oxidant abilities, rapid absorption, and its higher pH to neutralize excess acidity are all extra-added bonuses. Thank you, your water is a blessing for the young and old alike."

Marj Chipperfield, a world champion at 82. At this year's World Masters Swimming championships in Canada, Marj won two gold (400m individual medley and one kilometer lake swim), two silver (200m backstroke and 100m freestyle) and one bronze (200m freestyle).

Marj Chipperfield

Rheumatoid Arthritis

At age 21 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. By age 25 I became “used” to my hands, feet, fingers and toes hurting 99% of the time and feeling tight and uncomfortable. I tried many, many things like nutritional cleanses, diet changes, various supplements, light therapy, rubs, oils…everything except hard-core market drugs. Nothing helped consistently. Within three days of drinking alkaline-antioxidant water I noticed a difference in my hands. The discomfort and tightness was gone and they weren’t itchy and swollen as usual. When I started drinking at least 20 ounces of the alkaline-antioxidant water first thing every morning I felt even more relief and change. My body feels different, better, younger somehow. If I go without the water for more than a day I notice the itching and tightness coming back.

Emily N.
(Wisconsin) November 11, 2010

Dr. Chris Rolston, N.D., Edmonton, Alberta

As a naturopathic doctor I recognized the applications of this amazing technology right away. Clean water is a luxury in today's world, and this water is purified, alkalinized, oxygenated and vitalized as well. I know of the beneficial effects of alkalinizing the body through diet and cleansing, and was delighted to find a way of assisting this quality in the body through something as simple as water. This water is medicine for those that drink it! I have recommended this water for many patients with impressive results. I have seen it work wonders for patients with a variety of conditions, including allergies, eczema, muscle pain, back and joint pain, insomnia, and especially for athletes. Inflammatory and allergic phenomena occurring in the body are acidic processes that can be neutralized effectively with anything alkaline through diet, water or lifestyle changes. The body's metabolism produces acidic waste products that can build up and promote inflammation, pain and other health problems. This water is alkaline enough to be of therapeutic benefit for many patients with chronic health problems. The alkalinizing level can also be adjusted to match the patients' needs.

I have personally experienced benefit from this water. I have had a chronic back problem that was causing me considerable pain at times. I found pain relief with the alkalinized water within 24 hours. I continue to drink this water and even take it with me to work and on vacation, for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. I have been able to continue to be more active and enjoy more activities like cycling, as a result of this amazing and therapeutic technology.

I recommend clean purified water for everyone. This water filter provides so much more than the average water filter ' this is the only machine that filters, alkalinizes and oxygenates the water all at the same time. Whether for general health, cleansing, or for a specific health problem, this water filter is an intelligent and beneficial investment in your health.

Diabetes Under Control

I am diabetic. I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at ten years old. I have been on insulin for 18 years and during that time I have tried a number of things to help reduce the amount I take. Several things have helped slightly, but nothing like hexagonal water! Over the course of one month, as I monitored my own blood sugar levels four times a day my need for insulin gradually dropped. I have been able to reduce the amount of insulin I take by over half! I used to take 40 units per day, now I consistently require 15 units. I also used to feel constantly dehydrated even though I drank lots of water. I was continually thirsty and nothing would quench my thirst. Hexagonal water quenches my thirst! For the first time in a long time, I am not perpetually thirsty.

Vanessa G

Ulcerative colitis

In March of 2010 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Imagine having diarrhea every day for months…it leaves you drained, weak and depressed. My doctor told me I’d have to be on prescription meds for the rest of my life! No way! I met a friend at a cafe who told me about alkaline-antioxidant water. He showed me a short demo of this special water. I was intrigued and he offered to share alkaline-antioxidant water with me. In about three weeks of drinking this water I started having normal stools again! You don’t know how thankful I was to have this happen! I never took the prescribed, expensive medications (and dangerous prednisone!). I can’t advise anyone to stop their meds, but I do recommend people to ask lots of questions and study their conditions carefully. Read and get informed! There are many alternative solutions to health that work well. Alkaline-antioxidant water is one of these solutions… and I don’t have to be on prescription meds for the rest of my life!

Kevin T.
(Grayslake, Illinois) August 6, 2010