The Business Opportunity Explained


Getting Involved!

There a few ways to get involved with this business.  The first and best way is to purchase a machine yourself.  When filling out the necessary paperwork, be sure to include the w-9 form.  Once approved, Enagic will issue a distributor# that gives you the right to receive commission checks once you start selling units.

Let's say that you decided to become a distributor for the company and you decide to represent Enagic® by promoting their products.  The first sd-501unit you sell will result in $285 of income.  The second unit sold will result in another $285 of income as well. 

To show you the power behind this, lets say you sold your second unit to a Family Practitioner.  Shortly thereafter, he starts to make some sales.  If he begins to sell units, you will receive $285 on every unit sold.  Let say he sells 20 units in the course of a year.  That means that you will gain $285 x 20 or $5,700.  You will make $285 for each unit he sells for as long as he sells units.  It never stops.  As long as the Doctor sells units, you will benefit.

On your 3rd unit sold, you will receive $570 and qualify as a 2A. Chances are that you will start building a team and when you and your team reach 10 group sales, on your 11th sale, you become qualified to receive $855.  This cycle continues until you reach 3A, 4A, 5A and Ultimately 6A.

Your goal should be to reach 6A in which case you will start earning $1,710 on every unit sold.  Some people reach this in 6 months time, but for most it takes a longer period of time to achieve. 

Once you qualify for 6A, you have the right to receive $200 on every person who falls below the 8-point system known as an education bonus.  Once that is achieved, you now can share in the company profits, which are roughly 3% of the company's profits. 

The Marketing Plan


Notice that the marketing plan, as shown below, shows the different milestone achievements from 1A to 6A. As an example, at exactly 21 group sales, you qualify as a 4A. That means that on your personal 21st sale of an SD501, you will receive a check from Enagic in the amount of $1,140 assuming you qualify for the extra point. At that point, you will qualify as a 5A once you and your group sale an additional 30 machines. As you can see, this marketing plan can become quite lucrative for the go-getter.




  mrkt plan  



How do I become a Distributor?

There are a few ways.  By simply purchasing a water ionizer, you qualify as a distributor and receive a distributor number.  The second way is to use in-house-financing by financing your unit through Enagic®.  Enagic® has various financial plans available (There are also third party financing plans available).

The final and third way to become a distributor is through the Tokurei Program that Enagic® Offers.  This simply means that you will be issued a Tokurei Distributor # through your first sale of a unit.  This is a great way to start earning income without the need to purchase a unit.

How does the 8-point system work?

Let's say you qualify as a 3A, meaning that you have at least 11 group sales.  In this case, you qualify for 3 points ($285 x 3) that equals $855.  Meaning, that you will receive $855 six points down (see the chart above).  As an example, you sign up John and John signs up Mary and Mary signs up Trevor.  Trevor is in your 6th point level and you will make $855 every time Trevor sells. 

So if Trevor sells 100 units in his lifetime, you will receive $855 x 100.  Let's say that Trevor sponsors Joe.  Joe now is in your 7th point level and you do not receive a commission from him because in the case of 3A, he is beyond the allowable point structure. 

What is the educational bonus?

Once you and your team sell 200 units, you now qualify for the educational bonus. The educational bonus applies only to those who fall below your point level (see the chart above).  You will receive $200 on every sale below that point level on any sales within your group.

How can I get started?

There are basically 3 ways to get started.


    •   Become an Enagic Distributor by purchasing a water ionizer.

   •   Become an Enagic Distributor by financing a water ionizer.

   •   Become a Tokurei Distributor through the Tokurei Plan.

What is the difference between an Enagic® Distributor & Tokurei Distributor?

An Enagic® Distributor is someone who has either financed or has purchased an Enagic® water ionizer and therefore qualifies for the full commissions and credits. 

A Tokurei Distributor (also known as the "Good Samaritan Plan") is someone who receives the full commission less the special point, (the special point is around $50 per machine sold) and $75 that goes towards the purchase of the Tokurei SD-501 (or whichever machine you choose).  Once the machine is paid off in full, (either through the program or full payment), the Tokurei Distributor then becomes an Enagic® Distributor with all rights and privileges.

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