Dr. Carpenter and "Why Kangen Water®?"


In this video, Dr. Carpenter address the question head on!


If you are seriously looking into purchasing a water ionizer for your health and your families health, then this is a must see video as Dr. Carpenter goes into his own experiences and mistakes while on his journey of finding the best water ionizer.





You can reach Dr. Carpenter by phone by dialing (208) 529-0384. This is the office # to his company, Path to Health. The consulatation fee is $3 per minute.


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The following is Dr. Carpenters personal testimonial: "

In August of 2006, I first shared with you the amazing hexagonal Kangen water® made by a special ionizer made in Japan. Since that time, thousands of people I know have benefited from this amazing water.

I am convinced that drinking adequate amounts of this water may be the most effective single action a person can do for their health. I say that, because, 70% of our bodies are water and the foundation of who we are physically. It makes sense to me that if the water in our body is clean and healthy that all other functions will take place at an optimal pace; but, if the water in the body is dirty and polluted then these functions will be slowed or perhaps stopped.

Top Researcher

One of the top water researchers in the world, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, PhD, says that “aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” He goes on to say that “biological organisms prefer Hexagonal Water — that this specific structure both directly and indirectly supports biological functions.”

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned about hexagonal water, and how the Japanese have improved on it. In a nutshell, hexagonal water is only found in nature in the high mountains where it is formed by glacier ice or snow melt. This creates water that is a 6-sided, or hexagonal structure, and approximately 1/3 the size of most water. As this hexagonal water flows down out of the mountains into rivers, streams, pipes, holding tanks and bottles, (you get the picture) the action of the sun shining on this water turns it into a pentagonal shape (5 sided) and the molecules clump in groups of 15 to 20 molecules.

This pentagonal water is what most of us drink and it is not readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Let me give you an example. If you drink 20 to 30 ounces of “normal” water (pentagonal structured water) at one time it will feel like your stomach is like a water balloon with water sloshing around for some time because the body cannot absorb it quickly and easily.

Drinking the same amount of hexagonal water will not produce that same feeling in the stomach for any length of time, because it absorbs so much more readily. Hexagonal Kangen water® also contains two additional characteristics. The first is that it is alkaline or acidic (depending on what you tell the machine to make) and in seconds, it is 3 to 8 times higher in anti-o******** than green tea!


Anti-o******** are nature’s way of slowing down the aging process. Since I don’t know anyone who wants to age faster, this just seems like something we should all be doing every day. Alkalization is important because the more efficient our body is at neutralizing acidic metabolic wastes the healthier we are, and, we have more energy.

Consider how you feel the next morning after doing hard physical work or activity. That stiffness and soreness is caused by the buildup of metabolic wastes generated by the cell as it was creating the energy you needed to do that activity. These wastes are highly acidic in the form of lactic acid, uric acid, etc.


The body has to n******* these acids in order to move them out of the interstitial fluids. If it does that quickly, you won’t feel pain, but, if it takes longer to n******** and move them these acids will cause inflammation and pain. Drinking hexagonal Kangen water® has proven to be one of the easiest ways to assist the body in effectively moving these wastes. There are a number of water ionizers on the market, and I personally, have purchased 7 of them and experimented with the water they produce.

It was not until I was introduced to the ionizers made by Enagic®, Inc. that I found ionizers that were able to produce hexagonal water at a high enough percentage that almost everyone who drank the water noticed a significant difference in how they felt. A water ionizer is an appliance that sits on the counter (in most cases) and attaches to your water supply and your homes electricity. When running water is sent through the machine, it goes through a high end three stage filter and then into the electrolysis chamber, where electricity bombards the water molecules and changes them from pentagonal molecules into hexagonal molecules. The water is also split into acidic and alkaline water.

Other Uses

The alkaline water is used for drinking, and also for washing foods, cooking and cleaning. It can even be used in your laundry and in place of those nasty cleaning supplies most of us have in the kitchen. The acidic water is mostly used on the skin; although it’s great for cooking rice and some other dishes.

Acid Water

The highest level of acidic water has been shown to kill microorganisms like e-coli, salmonella and hundreds of others. It is amazing on the skin, making the skin feel wonderful.

By combining hexagonal Kangen water® and a healthy diet (80% vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and some grains) and avoiding or minimizing those highly acidic choices (sodas, alcohol, dairy, animal protein, coffee, etc) will in my opinion, help us live longer, healthier and with great energy and vitality. Those that do this will appear to the rest of the world to have found the ‘Fountain of Youth!’ "

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