Using Ionized Waters For Your Skin and Hair!


Caring for your hair and skin is an important part on feeling and looking your best. However, most skin and hair products offered have their fair share of not so healthy chemicals and fillers. There is a good chance that your bathroom cabinets are filled with a wide array of soaps, shampoos, skin conditioners, beauty products, gels, hairsprays and skin tonics that contain their fair amount of toxic petrochemicals, chemical fillers and synthetic fragrances that ultimately get absorbed by your skin.

According to the latest study from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, 32 out of 48 baby bath products they tested -- including some from brand names like Johnson & Johnson -- contained formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane, both of which are probable carcinogens. Japan, Sweden and The European Union have banned formaldehyde and 1,4- dioxane from being used in shampoos and soaps. Not in the U.S., where 90% of these products are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Weak acid and strong acid waters produced from most water ionization machines do a great job as a natural skin cleaner, tonic, tightening, cleaning and disinfecting the skin all in one shot. And contrary to its name, strong acid water is completely safe to use. In fact, you can even spray it directly in your eyes to keep your eyes healthy and free of type of fungus or virus. Additionally, the F.D.A. has approved strong acid and strong alkaline waters as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Using natural soaps along with the strong acid water will do wonders for your skin.


The Solution for Acne or Other Skin Issues!

Why not go about the natural route for your beauty needs and save money at the same time?


Strong acid water is additionally ideal and a safe way to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus that may be present on your skin such as acne, athlete's foot, psoriasis, eczema and others. That is because the kill rate of strong chloride acid water of ideally pH 2.5 is effective in killing and iliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Go ahead and try it one your face and unlike other acne chemical cleaners getting strong acid water in your eyes is no big deal.

When washing your face, avoid using the over chlorinated water that comes out of the tap. Instead, switch to either the weak acid or strong acid water when rinsing your face. The weak acid water is the perfect pH for your skin since your skin has a natural pH between 4.5 to 6.0. Your skin is a natural barrier that helps to keep out unwanted and harmful elements, so keeping it properly hydrated and healthy is ideal for proper health. Using the weak acid of pH 5.5 is the perfect ionized water for keeping your skin well maintained and youthful.


For The Treating of Other Skin Ailments such as Eczema


Strong Acid Water has been shown to treat dry or itchy skin, along with the itchiness that results from common rashes such as poison ivy or poison oak. Its effectiveness in destroying viruses and pathogens has been shown to effectively reduce or eliminate acne and eczema. Finally, acid ionized water has been shown to treat athlete’s foot, minor burns, and insect bites. Also, it has been used for decades throughout hospitals in Japan to treat bedsores, infections, and diabetic ulcers.

skin issue

The picture to the left shows a person who has suffered from the skin condition known as eczema. He was able to eliminate this condition by simply wrapping the leg in a wet towel soaked in Strong Acid Water. Within a matter of a few months, his leg returned to normal. This special water is also effective in use for brushing your teeth and gargling after brushing for cleaner, healthier gums and teeth. As a precautionary measure, it is not advised to drink Strong Alkaline and Strong Acid waters. These waters should be used topically.

There are many other uses for strong acid water aside from your skin. According to the L.A. Times Article, in Japan, "People there spray it on sushi to kill bacteria and fill their swimming pools with it, eliminating the need for harsh chlorine. Doctors use it to sterilize equipment and treat foot fungus and bedsores."


The Solution for Healthy Hair!

Today's shampoos have harmful chemicals that harm your hair and scalp. Worse yet, these chemicals are absorbed through your skin and enter your body. It has been proven that your scalp is much more susceptible to absorbing harmful chemicals than other parts of your body. As an example sodium laureth sulfate is a chemical cleanser that may be linked to cancer, yet it is in practically all shampoos. The cosmetic industry has claimed that these ingredients are safe to use; however, with such little oversight from the F.D.A., can we really be sure?

Additionally, did you know that many shampoos that claim to be organic are actually not? Even some shampoos that claim to be organic have harsh cleaning agents that will affect your hair and scalp. Many health stores actually carry hair care products that contain the same chemical ingredients that are in regular shampoo. Aside from our bodies, these chemicals are unsafe for our environment as well. With so many chemical assaults on and in our body, why not reach for some safe alternatives?

Weak acid water is ideal for rinsing your hair as it is an ideal pH that will keep hair silky and clean. Why not incorporate a natural organic shampoo with the water for a set of healthy hair?