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Electrolyzed water cleans, degreases -- and treats athlete's foot. The solution is replacing toxic chemicals.


la times article


By Marla Dickerson (L.A. Times Article)

February 23, 2009

It's a kitchen degreaser. It's a window cleaner. It kills athlete's foot. Oh, and you can drink it.

Sounds like the old "Saturday Night Live" gag for Shimmer, the faux floor polish plugged by Gilda Radner. But the elixir is real. It has been approved by U.S. regulators. And it's starting to replace the toxic chemicals Americans use at home and on the job.






Kangen Water® and Biological Age  


Dr. Peggy Parker

By: Dr Peggy Parker

Dr Parker states: “As a Biological Medicine Physician, I have been measuring the levels of oxidation in the bodily fluids for about a decade using a very sophisticated piece of lab equipment called the QFA (Quantitative Fluid Analysis). 

Based on the rate of oxidation in these fluids this measurement device calculates a person’s biological age.  For most of people this biological age is generally 20-50 years older than their actual chronological age. (More)





Shan Stratton (Nutritional Consultant) Endorses Kangen Water®!




Shan is a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL,NY YANKEES, AZ DIAMONDBACKS, HOUSTON ROCKETS, LA DODGERS, etc. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, Cynthia Cooper and on and on.

He states that drinking Kangen Water is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes after promoting and counseling the use of high quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years. (More)



Pepsi's® "Aquafina®" Bottled Water, is Tap Water!




By: Dr. Mercola

August 16 2007


PepsiCo® Inc. has agreed to add the words “public water source” to their Aquafina water labels.

Pepsi’s® Aquafina®, and Coca-Cola® Co.’s Dasani bottled waters, are both made of purified water from public reservoirs. Coca-Cola® will post online consumer information about the quality control testing that goes into their bottled water, sometime near the end of summer, or early fall 2007.




Enagic updates their 100% Organic Acid Cleaner!




Great News! Enagic has made available their new "e-cleaner" (otherwise known as the 100% Organic Acid Cleaner).

This is a big improvement in many ways, primarily that it saves Kangen water® users big money over the course of time.

The new e-cleaner contains 24 individual packs of the 100% organic acid cleaner, which insures that the platinum/ titanium plates remain clean and free of calcium and other hard water deposits as a result of the hard water that is so prevelant in tap water. (More)




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