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La Times on Strong Acid Water
Pets and Kangen Water!
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Pets and Kangen Water!
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Kangen Water in the News!
The SD501 Water Generator!
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Ionized Alkaline Water
What is Alklaine Ionized Water?
The Properties of Alkaline Water!
Choosing The Right Water Ionizer
Alkalize your body through Ionized Water!
The Environmental Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution
Uses of alkaline ionized water in the kitchen and home.
Personal Use pf Ionized Waters for your hair and skin.
Uses in the garden!
Healthy Pets and Livestock with Ionized Alkaline Water!
Eco Responsibility!
Alkaline Water Testimonials
Choosing The Right Water Ionizer
Doctors and Health Experts all Agree with Alkaline Water
Dr. Warburg's Great Discovery!
Dr. Ray Kurzweil Answers and Questions Regarding Alkline Water!
Dr. Shinya's healthy colon therapy!
Questions and Answers pertaining to Alkaline Ionized Water!
Additional Information of Ionized Water!
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