Our "Kangen Water®" Store

This is a video of the first "Alkaline" water store in the nation.





The "Holistic Water" Trend


Alkaline water stores ("Kangen water®") stores are popping up everywhere!  Entrepreneurs and water store-owners are realizing that this product really helps people in an amazing way and are opening new water stores to fill the demand.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of the growing trend, which are Holistic Water Stores.  By incorporating Kangen water® (Quality Alkaline Water), store-owners are now able to supply anti-oxidant, detoxifying water.

Below, is a picture of our water store in Palm Desert, California.  Our two SD501's produce around 300 to 500 gallons of alkaline water per day for people who don't have a machine nor access to Kangen water®.  We do not charge for the water and we make it available to all.

No other water ionizer company can produce this amount of alkaline water from their machines.  The Kyk Genesis, Jupiter, Life and other Ionizers will stop producing ionized alkaline water from their machines. The ionizers remain on, however, the electrolysis chamber shuts down from over heating anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes of use. Enagic is the only company that will produce ionizers for high volume applications that will not shut down because they don't over heat!



water store

A picture of the first "Alkaline Water Store in the Nation."





water store inside

One of our typical social "Health and Wellness Events".



Next Generation Water Store in San Antonio, Texas!

More and more Alkaline Water Strores are opening up in new locations around the globe. This is just one of the latest in Texas!


water store inside

water store inside

water store inside

water store inside

water store inside




Do you desire more information on Kangen water™?  Receive our Free DVD titled, "Why Kangen Water?"

Currently, there are "Kangen water®" stores in Palm Desert, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Long Island, San Antonio and other places.  The First "Kangen " water store opened in Palm Desert on April of 2008.

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