What is Alkaline Ionized Water?


Alkaline Ionized Water is special water that has been fundamentally changed in such a way that it takes on powerful properties of a “Super Water”. Through the process of ionization, ordinary water splits into two different streams to become acid water and alkaline water. The acid water, being positively charged and being absent of oxygen, becomes an aggressive oxidizer. The alkaline water, on the other hand, becomes negatively charged “super” alkaline water that takes on new properties that are ideal for the body. This transformation from ordinary water to Ionized Alkaline Water now takes on three main properties:

1) Alkaline:

The essence of good health is being alkaline. People who suffer from poor health or who have acidosis disorders such as gout, arthritis and cancer, to name a few, all have an acidic pH. Being alkaline is Good Health, while being acidic is Poor Health!


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All babies are born alkaline. Alkalinity helps babies to fight off infections and disease to their fragile system. As we grow older, we become more acidic and thus are more prone to infections and disease. If your health and your families health is important, it just makes good sense to keep your pH alkaline either through the foods you eat or through the water you drink or a combination of both.


2) Anti-Oxidation:

To understand the role that alkaline ionized water plays in the body, we must first understand anti-oxidation and free radicals.

Free Radicals steal beneficial electrons from stable molecules!

Refer to the above image! Typical iron construction nails are placed into 2 separate containers. The container to the left is filled completely with high negative 9.5 pH ionized water, while the container to the right is filled with standard tap water. When these iron nails are exposed to water, they start to rust. The reason for this is because ordinary water, whether it be tap, bottled or river water is highly oxidizing.

When measured by an ORP meter (a meter that measures Oxidation Reduction Potential), water will typically range between +300 to +700 ORP. This high oxidation searches for stable molecules such as the iron construction nails, and steals electrons from that source, thus creating free radicals and in return, rust. Ionized alkaline water, on the other hand, when measured by an ORP meter should return a value between -200 to -600 ORP, meaning that it is anti-oxidizing. And, it is because of this anti-oxidizing property that keeps these nails in its pristine state. two years have past since the taking of this picture and the nails in the ionized water are still in pristine condition.


A Further Look Into ORP!

An ORP meter is able to read the Oxidation and Anti-Oxidation of any liquid. Most liquids are oxidizing including our tap water and even bottled water. That is because water, in its natural state, is an oxidizing agent. Sodas are not only very oxidizing, but they are very acidic as well. Sodas are some of the worst things you can drink whether diet or regular.

On the opposite side of the scale is green tea and Alkaline Antioxidizing water. We all know that green tea is good for you primarily because it is an antioxidant and helps eliminate the free radicals in our body. Green tea will typically have an ORP value of -100. Orange juice will give a reading of around -50. Alkaline Ionized Water on the other hand is extremely antioxidant with a reading of -200 to -600 typically.


3) Micro-Clustering:

When ordinary water goes through the ionization process, it not only diminishes the size of the water molecule by knocking of a +hydrogen molecule, but it also breaks down the size of the H2O clusters. As can be seen from the diagram, ordinary water is clustered together in large clusters making it harder for your body to break down these clusters and for your trillions of cells within the body to absorb this water where it is needed most.

Alkaline ionized water, on the other hand, has a much smaller cluster that is easily obsorbed by the body and cellular walls. In reality, your cells are hydrated up to 6 times as normal because of this property of the water. This water also takes on a hexagonal shape, which is shown to be the ideal formation for water. Glacier water is known to be hexagonal and is considered some of the best water to drink.