The Properties of Alkaline Water!

A Phenomenon Created By Nature!


Ionized Alkaline Water helps our bodies flow with nature, not fight against it!

Far to little credit is given to the awesome nature that alkaline Ionized water has on our bodies. It's far more than just alkaline, ionizing, hydrating, oxygenating, micro-clustering, anti-oxidizing, anti-oxidant or great tasting water! Rather, it is the total combination of these properties that makes it a Phenomenon of Nature!

With our bodies being made up of roughly 80% water, what can be more natural for the body than water? Water is the medium by which all our organs, tissues and cells operate and depend on. Without it, we would cease to exist. With it, we thrive! Why not give yourself and your household the best water - Ionized Alkaline Water with all of the incredible benefits that comes with it?

This water is beyond ordinary water in such a way that it takes on different and more powerful properties. The picture to the right is an actual picture of ionized water being produced straight from a water ionizer. At first glance, you can tell that there is something special about the water with the oxygenating bubbles being produced from the machine. All of these properties are an enhancement and are beneficial to our overall well-being.


The following are the benefits and properties of drinking Ionized Alkaline Water:


The Many Properties of Alkaline Ionized Water!


This characteristic of the water helps to keep your body alkaline. Ideally, we need to be slightly alkaline in order for our body to do its job in ridding the body of a weak immune system.

Anti-Oxidant/ Detoxifying

The most powerful property of this water is its anti-oxidant property. The pH negative charge (OH-) of the water or negative ions act as a scavenger water that helps to eliminate damaging positive and oxidizing free radicals within our body. And because our bodies are typically over-oxidized, our bodies are thus starved for negative ions giving this property its detoxifying ability.


Because of micro-clustering and the ability for this water to create its hexagonal shape, this water is able to penetrate our cells membranes much easier than that of regular water. It has been proven that your cells become hydrated up to 6 times as much as standard water.


Through the process of ionization, alkaline water contains less H+ molecules and thus there is an abundance of OH- molecules that is far richer in oxygen. Oxygen is scientifically proven to repair your body; thus, drinking plenty of this water is beneficial to your body in whole.


The damaging affects of free radicals and oxidation are evidant as we grow older. Oxidation plays a huge role in the aging process and thus counter acting this process just makes sense. For further information on anti-oxidation, please see anti-oxidant iron nails!


This water tends to act as an anti-inflammatory!


In nature, water forms clusters of h2o molecules in groups of 12 to 16 clusters of water molecules. These larger clusters of water are more difficult to filtrate through your cell membrans and your vital organs. Micro-clustered water is roughly 1/2 to 1/3 that size and thus is much easier obsorbed by your body thus hydrating your cells at a rate of up to 6 times than that of regular water.