The Remarkable Uses in The Kitchen!


The first water ionizers were developed and used in hospitals throughout Japan back 30 years ago and hence were referred to as medical devices. Since that time, water ionizers have found their way into our homes as the many types of waters produced from these water ionizers has many benefits in the kitchen and even outside in the garden.

For starters, the water ionizer was uniquely designed to fit on our counter tops right next to the kitchen sink. This presents easy access to the many benefits offered. The best thing about owning a water ionizer is the ease of access to freshly made ionized water for drinking. This is the primary reason for owning your own water ionizer. The clean water is just filtered water and is ideal for baby formula (since babies are naturally alkaline) and for taking medication. It is not advised that medicine be taken with ionized water because this water will super charge the medication to such a degree that it will react to the body in a negative fashion. Always drink clean water when taking medication.

Aside from drinking water, Ionized Alkaline Water is used for cooking and many other kitchen uses. For instance, use alkaline water to soak your beans, boil your noodles and to cook your rice.

Use the pH 9.5 alkaline water for making ice cold teas. When making tea, there is no need to boil the water as is typically done. pH 9.5 Ionized Water will make green tea at room temperature primarily through its negative ion charge and micro-clustering properties.

On the other hand, weak acid water is great for the skin and hair. Since skin and hair are by nature slightly acidic, weak acid water is great for washing your face, hands and hair. It gives hair a natural sheen and helps to build fullness of body and will smooth and tighten the skin acting much like a toner.

Additionally, the next time you bring home some cut flowers, try placing them in weak ionized acid water. You will notice that your flowers last longer as the ionic acid water is what is needed by plants and flowers. On the other hand, placing your cut flowers in alkaline water will cause them to die sooner


Strong Alkaline Water:


When it comes to your fruits and vegetables, using Strong Alkaline Water to remove the insecticides and pesticides off of them is a smart choice. Not only will this remove these damaging toxins from your fruits and vegetables, but by doing so will literally make these foods taste the way they were meant to taste. Gone are the nasty taste as a result of these toxins!

As a real case example, the two groups of tomatoes above are being cleaned with regular tap water and Strong Alkaline Water. With tap water, there is no visible difference that can be seen; however, the group of tomatoes that are being soaked in the Strong Alkaline Water have a very visible difference in color as this special water has literally stripped these damaging toxins away from these tomatoes. One of the properties of Strong Acid Water is the ability to emulsify oils and since all pesticides and insecticides are oil based, plain water will not do the trick. The next time you are cleaning your fruits and vegetables, use Strong Alkaline Water.

Strong Alkaline Water is also a very powerful cleaning agent. You can toss most of your chemically based cleaners away once you purchase a water ionizer as the powerful properties of this water will perform wonderfully on all cleaning projects including counter tops, windows, greasy stove tops, tiled floors and even blinds and drapes.

As a matter of fact, Strong Alkaline and Strong Acid waters are so powerful and effective that The Sheraton Delfina Hotel in Santa Monica, California has done away with all chemical cleaners including bleach. In this article posted by the L.A. Times back in February 23, 2009, the hotel cleaning staff is calling these liquids "el liquido milagroso" or "Miracle Liquid" for its ability to clean and disinfect. The article goes on to say that the Japanese and Russians have been using this technology for decades. The point is that this technology has been around for decades but Westerners are just starting to be educated on these waters. You can read the full article by clicking on Sheraton Delifina Hotel.

Strong Acid Water:

Are you looking for a safe and natural way to disinfect your work station within the kitchen? Are you looking for natural ways to prevent food poisoning by having all of your foods including chicken and other meats disinfected? Are you concerned with the threat of e-coli being on your fruits and vegetables?

There is no need to look any further than Strong Acid Water. Strong Acid Water with a pH of 3.0 to 2.5 will effectively kill 94.8 to 99.9 % of viruses and pathogens respectively.

This water has been used agriculturally in Japan for decades to kill fungi and other pathogeans off of crops, so instead of using harmful pesticides and insecticides, agriculturalist just use Strong Acid Water.

Hopefully, if you thought that a water ionizer was only beneficial for producing alkaline water, you now see the myriad of benefits that can come from the proper utilization of strong acid and alkaline ionized waters. Returning your body to an oxygenated, hydrated and alkaline balance by consuming alkaline water is just as important as the benefits listed above, if not more. Using these waters effectively will help to avoid such chronic diseases and ailments as constipation, diabetes, heartburn and migraines.