The Miraculous Properties of Alkaline Ionized Water... a Phenomenon Created by Nature!


Far too little credit is given to the awesome nature that alkaline Ionized water has on our bodies. It's far more than just alkaline, ionizing, hydrating, oxygenating, micro-clustering, anti-oxidizing, anti-oxidant or great tasting water! Rather, it is the total combination of these properties that makes it a Phenomenon of Nature!

With our bodies being made up of roughly 80% water, what can be more natural for the body than water? Water is the medium by which all our organs, tissues and cells operate and depend on. Without it, we would cease to exist. With it, we thrive! Why not give yourself and your household the best water - Ionized Alkaline Water with all of the incredible benefits that comes with it? (more)

Choosing The Right Water Ionizer!

Knowing what to look for can save you time and money!

Alkaline Ionized Water is a term used to describe water that has been fundamentally changed in such a way that it takes on powerful properties of a “super” water. Through the process of ionization, ordinary water splits into two different streams to become acid water and alkaline water. The acid water, being positively charged and being absent of oxygen, becomes an aggressive oxidizer. The alkaline water, on the other hand, becomes a negatively charged “super” alkaline water that takes on new properties that are ideal for the body. This transformation of ordinary water now takes on the following properties: (More)

Eco Friendly Uses

The Environmental cleaning and disinfecting solution!

T he electrolysis technology that is integrated within water ionizers do produce waters that will both clean and disinfect. Although not suitable for drinking, these waters do provide you with an effective, inexpensive, and clean alternative to the harmful chemical cleaners, which are commonly used.

Most (Not all) water ionizers provide an ability to make both strong acid and strong alkaline waters for superior cleaning and disinfecting. Because a green home should be free of hazardous chemicals, using this technology makes a lot of environmental sense. (more)

Dr. Otto Warburg's Amazing Discovery!

Learn the scientific secretes of good health!

According to Wikepedia and other sources, Dr. Otto Warburg earned a Doctorate in Chemistry and a Doctor of Medicine back in 1911. In 1923 while he was the director of The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology, he discovered the root cause of cancer and the relationship between oxygen and the pH of cancer cells.

According to his research, cancer cells were found to be in a stage of fermentation or a lack of oxygen. He also discovered that cancerous cells had a lower pH. In other words, not only were cancer cells void of oxygen but were acidic as well. The medical term used today is hypoxia or without oxygen. He also discovered that, " Higher pH means a higher concentration of oxygen molecules while lower pH means... (More)