Are You Looking For An Effective Website In Order To Promote Alkaline Water Or Alkaline Water Ionizers?



 ATTENTION:  Stop Losing Sales by Getting Your Message of Ionized Alkaline Water To Others!


Communicating Your Message Effectively In The Information Age!

So, how are you communicate your message?  Are you finding it difficult and overwhelming to get the message of Ionized Alkaline Water and its many benefits across to your family, friends and prospects?  Irregardless of which water ionizer you promote, people first need to understand the many benefits of drinking Ionized Alkaline Water and how it helps overcome the many ailments that affect us.

Problem #1

Are You Finding That Your Ionizers’ Replicated Site Is Ineffective?

Many of the Companies that manufacture or promote water ionizers do not have an effective Replicated Website for their distributors or sales force.  These sites are often a mile wide and an inch deep….meaning that they are reluctant in revealing the deeper health benefits that this water has on one’s health and are often times void of any expert testimonials in fear of what the governmental agencies may do.  You in fact, may be losing your prospects and clients to other sites that are more persuasive and effective in communicating this powerful message.

Aside form this, many of these sites do not allow you to add to the site aside from your name, phone# and a few other areas.

In this age of information, it is critical that you have an effective presence on the web.  The type of presence that communicates to the world that you “know what you are talking about.”


Problem #2

Are You Considering Having A Custom Site Built For You?

Building a custom built website in order to promote your Alkaline Water Ionizers or other products could cost thousands of dollars and set you back a few months.  Not only that, communicating your ideas effectively and efficiently to a web developer is often a losing battle that requires an ample amount of time as well as patience.  On top of that hiring a professional graphic artist and writer can set you back even further.


Problem #3

Are You Actively Promoting Your Other Health Products?

Chances are that you are promoting and selling other health products aside from just Alkaline Water Ionizers.  With that you may have a desire to centralize all of your health products on one website in one central location instead of having two or more websites that you are trying to juggle, which is why it is important to have one website where you can bring bring it all together.




Introducing IonNation
– A Replicating Website Service Dedicated to The Alkaline Water Distributor!

Our Replicated Website Service dedicated to bringing you the best Website available for your digital communication needs.  IonNation was painstakingly created to deliver the message of Ionized Alkaline Water to the masses.  IonNation comes across as a NON-BIASED REVIEW SITE thus making it more beneficial to the end user as well as for your business.  You should expect more phone calls from prospects who are interested in your products.

Take a peek at the home page!  The home page will captivate your audience keeping them looking through the material for answers.  The Q&A Page helps to answer the most sought after questions regarding alkaline water.

So, How is IonNation Different?

We make this site available to all promoters of Ionized Alkaline Water.   Because the term Ionized Alkaline Water is a generic term covering a wide variety of water ionizers, this Replicated Website Service fits the many business models such as water stores, independent representatives of water ionizers and those who promote alkaline water in general.

Because there are no trademark names used within the site, the -IonNation Website does not fall under certain companies compliance departments that tend to water down the power behind Ionized Alkaline Water.  Compliance Departments tend to take the punch out of their product effectiveness in marketing because important facts regarding their product are left out due to the fear factor of certain governmental agencies.  The -IonNation Website has left in the important scientific discoveries by doctors and other experts as to the effectiveness of hydrating and alkalizing one’s self.

IonNation allows more than just your name, email and phone# being placed on your site.  Rather, this site allows for much more..

Key Features of This Website!

  • Your standard name, email, phone# and fax# is allowed.
  • Expert Testimonials
  • Scientific analysis on Ionized Alkaline Water.
  • As an option, display your Facebook and Twitter links.
  • As an option, display your business location on your contact page through Google™ Mapping.
  • An optional business address is allowed on the contact page.
  • An optional Blog / Order page.
  • No need to spend thousands creating your own Alkaline Water Website.
  • No need to understand html or coding.
  • Integrated with WordPress™ to give you the power to create your own content that is integrated with your site.
  • The ability to promote your other health products or affiliate products.
  • The ability to track your site traffic through Google Analytics™.
  • The ability to keep track of your prospects who sign up for your special offer.



A Blog with WordPress™ Integration!

The Blog page is one of the best features on -IonNation in that it allows you to create your own page with its own style and purpose with the ability for you to present whatever information you deem important to you.

This could be about your line of water ionizers that you are promoting or a list of other health products that you are looking to sale.  You may even decide to incorporate a Sales page where people can order your product online or the ability to show other sites by just uploading your favorite sites hyperlink or URL.  This option is practically limitless as you can turn your blog into something much more.  As an example, your blog can grow to incorporate other pages and can change in appearance by simply uploading different themes.  Simple tutorials are posted in your admin back-office to get you going in the right direction.

Change The Theme of Your Blog With Ease!

Changing the theme of your blog is simple.  There are over 100 themes to choose from including plugins that will give your blog the right functionality and performance.  And even if you decide down the road that your IonNation Replicated Website is not for you, the blog stays with you.  (Click on any style to enlarge)


Your Google Map™ Business Location!
Help your prospects find your business location through the use of Google Map™ Integration.  If it is important for you to place your business location, then this optional feature is ideal for your success.  Additionally, you are able to set the zoom level of the map.



Admin Back-Office

IonNation comes with an admin back-office where you will be able to update your information, keep track of prospects who sign up for your special offer, work on your blog and keep track of your site’s traffic using Google Analytics.

Your Admin Back-Office comes with the following pages:

  • Dashboard Home Page
  • Edit Your Info. Page
  • Contact Manager Database
  • Marketing Tools
  • Blogging Page
  • Analytics Page

There are also marketing materials to help you with your business.  The Contact Manager Page keeps track of those prospects who sign up for your free offer.  Also, linking your personal domain such as a Godaddy purchased domain name is a breeze, making this site uniquely yours.


View a Sample IonNation Website HERE!


We Offer a Monthly or Yearly Subscription Service!

Most other replicated sites start out at $30/ Month.  That can cost you as much as $360 annually.  You won’t be paying that.


Now only $21.95 /Month


Just $191.40 / Year
Best Option: Save Over $70 by purchasing yearly!  That Comes Out To Be Just $15.95 /Month if Paid in Advance.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We Guarantee our product for 60 days!  This means that if for any reason you are not completely happy or satisfied, you can return our product within 60 days for a full refund.  No questions asked!  


Send Us A Video Or Written Testimonial On How IonNation Has Helped You And Receive This Website For Free For A Limited Time.  Contact us for details.


  • Your Own Replicated IonNation Website – Now, there is no need to try to build your own site and mess around with css/html or spend thousands.  You will get your site instantly once your form of payment is approved!
  • Your Admin Back-Office – You will have instant access to the admin back-office where you can start to update your personalized information.
  • Blog Building – If you optionally choose to build a blog, you will be able to do so in your administration back-office.  Full instructions are presented to get you going!
  • Analytics – You will have access to monitor your sites web traffic and ways to improve the performance of your site.


You Have 3 Options For Payment.

Get Started for Only $4.95

Limited Time Offer:Your $4.95 payment covers 21 days! Once your 21 days are up, you will be billed $21.95/ month until cancelled by you. Your digital product will be delivered to your email address. This offer may be taken down at any time! Note: If paying by credit card, be sure to click on the credit card link on the following page.


Monthly at $21.95 /mo.

Monthly Service: You will be billed $21.95 immediately and then billed for the same amount month to month until cancelled. Your product will be delivered immediately to your email address. Note: If paying by credit card, be sure to click on the credit card link on the following page.

Yearly at $191.40 /yr.

Yearly Service: You will be billed $191.40 immediately. Your product will be delivered immediately to your email address. You will be billed annually for the same amount until cancelled. Note: If paying by credit card, be sure to click on the credit card link on the following page.

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